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 why did u buy

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PostSubject: Re: why did u buy   why did u buy - Page 2 EmptyWed Mar 17 2010, 19:07

I got into VW's by luck if anything.

When I was 17 most people were interested in getting either a Nova, Corsa or Saxo as a first car. I will admit that I really wanted a Saxo at one point, that was back in 2004 before they became a chav's favourite .. at least that's what I like to think anyway Laughing

One of the lads that was in 6th form with me bought a 1.0 MK4 Polo and did a few subtle mods to it - wheels, lowered, twin exhaust. After I saw it I made my mind up that I wanted a MK4 Polo.

So far I've had:

MK4 Polo 1.4 16V x 2 (First one only lasted a month before it got rear ended and written off Crying or Very sad )
MK5 Polo Gti
MK4 Golf R32

The MK4 R32 was a car I'd always wanted since I saw one for the first time, and I was really chuffed when I got one last year Very Happy

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VAG Wales Admin

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PostSubject: Re: why did u buy   why did u buy - Page 2 EmptyWed Mar 17 2010, 19:36

I am just waiting for Gwyndaf to come on;

"Well i first got into my Volkswagens when me and me mate Adolf came up for the original design for the beetle, I have had 633 Volkwagens to date starting with the first mk1 golf ever to roll off the production line." "I have now reduced my historic collection of VW's down to 5 and have had the pleasure to own one of the best G60's evermade"

Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy


mk1mel wrote:
you were at our marquee,doing all the moves too
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PostSubject: Re: why did u buy   why did u buy - Page 2 EmptyWed Mar 17 2010, 19:38

ive liked VWs for years jst aint got round to ownin 1, my car history as follows:

fiesta mk3 1.1 ghia x 2 (both written off, havent touched ford since!!)
rover 1.4 16v (bag of shit!!)
vauxhall nova GSi 1.6 (blew this engine so put a 2.0l 8v cav SRi lump in it) the most fun car ive ever driven!!! Twisted Evil
pug 309 1.9 GTi x 2, black and a red one
seat ibiza 2.0 16v cupra sport in kiwi yellow, with 17s, lowered, etc, carl off here bought it off me!!
saxo vtr, owned this for 3 weeks and did not like it one bit!!
270bhp beast of a scooby, 52'plate, loved it to bits but the more i played with it the more it cost me in juice, 23 miles to a tener Crying or Very sad
shogun sport 06'plate, (not much more u can do with 1 after uve driven over a mountain!!)
and now have the golf gti turbo (my pride an joy!! Very Happy )
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PostSubject: Re: why did u buy   why did u buy - Page 2 EmptyWed Mar 17 2010, 20:10

my mate had a 1500 gls T reg, we used to go out at weekends in it when he had just passed his test, it went like stink or so it seemed back in the day, from then on it was only EVER going to be vw's

The list

Mk 1 Golf L 1100 green
Mk 1 Golf GLS 1500 blue
Mk 1 Golf GTI Campaign 1800 white
Mk 1 Golf GTI Convertible 1800 grey
Mk 1 Golf GTI 1800 Campaign Helios Blue OH HOW I MISS THAT CAR
Mk 2 Golf 1200 burgundy
Mk 2 Golf GTI 1800 red
Mk 2 Polo 1200 blue
Mk 1 Golf GX 1500 grey
Mk 1 Golf GTI 1800 black
Mk 2 Scirocco GT 1800 Grey
Mk 3 Golf Driver 1800 Chilli red
Mk 3 Golf GTI 2000 Anniversary Blue
Mk 4 Golf R32 3200 Deep blue pearl
Mk 1 Golf GTI 1800 Mars red
VW T5 Transporter LWB high roof 2500 TDI

The last three i still own, is that sad as i actually remember most of the number plates as well.
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PostSubject: Re: why did u buy   why did u buy - Page 2 EmptyWed Mar 17 2010, 20:42

hmmm... not many VAg on my list but here goes

SKODA felicia 1.3i (first car! loved it!)
pug 106 1.5D, bag of poo!
Saxo vtr
pug 206 1.9D also a bag of poo!
MK3 mondeo (lowered, tints, alloys and under car L.E.D's!)
Punto 1.9Jtd 60mpg!!
Saxo Vtr (yes another one!)
Mercedes C200 sport RWD!!
Renault Laguna (newish shape - f*cked electrics!)
Volvo V70 T5 - chipped to around 290-300bhp
Audi A4 avant Tdi 110
renault Scenic - didnt want it but it was a good deal and sold it for more than i paid for! lol
Mazda MX-5 RWD fun again!
Volvo C70 T5 - 240bhp
Volvo S40 T5 - 225bhp - but quicker than my previous volvo's!!
Pug 205 Gti (track car)
Now with my Audi A3 20v Turbo thats about 220bhp Smile

edit: there was a Corsa b 1.4i in there somewhere aswel! lol

im sure there's a few more that ive forgotten about?! Not bad in 6-7 years! Smile
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PostSubject: Re: why did u buy   why did u buy - Page 2 EmptyWed Mar 17 2010, 21:06

fucking hell man, thats a lot of cars!!

mines gone

aprillia sr50
gilera rcr50

fiesta mk3.5 1300
corsa b 1400
corsa b 1700 Diseasel
corsa b 1600 sport =] was a monster!
honda civic ej9 1.4
golf 1300

all in just over two years of driving cars, and one year before that on the old 50cc's Smile
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PostSubject: Re: why did u buy   why did u buy - Page 2 EmptyWed Mar 17 2010, 22:16

Mine goes like this-

-Tony Kart Comer Cadet with Soixante engine (60cc). Counts in my world Very Happy
-Zip Ford Puma Kart with John Force engine (60cc). Counts in my world Very Happy
-Intrepid Intercontinental A (0-60 under 3 seconds, 80-120MPH top speed depending on track)....Counts in my world Very Happy
-Ford Transit Van (SWB) RWD, was actually fun!
-Toyota Corolla 1.3 Liftback (kind of rally car).
-Subaru Impreza MK1 WRX (Obviously not used on roads, was used for 2 months in rallying then sold it few months back).
-Ford Focus ST Black MK2 (was meant to be mine untill father checked the insurance and changed his mind unless Id pay half of the price...which I wasnt going to! Sad )
-Volkswagen Golf MK3 1.4 L (Still have it).

Planned cars!
-Next year a Porsche 924 2.0 (As a classic car restoration project then possibly for use).
-Sometime a Volkswagen Golf MK1 GTI.
-And after my Golf either a Ford Fiesta Zetec S MK5 or MK6 (MK6 only group 6 insurance!!!) or a Volkswagen Golf MK5 1.4 or 1.6 FSI....All in good time Buck Tooth

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PostSubject: Re: why did u buy   why did u buy - Page 2 EmptyWed Mar 17 2010, 23:36

I was a bit of a late comer to VW's too, Was on the look out for a Tdi Passat when I saw the blue one up for sale and had to have it lol!
Always been into modified cars, dont think I've ever had a standard one for more than a week or so. Missing having a quick car at the moment - its an itch I need to scratch again soon !

My list

Mini 1000, Stripped it down but never finished rebuilding - Discovered the joys of Drink + Women and got distracted !
Citroen AX GT - Quick little cars in there day, kept up with 205 1.6 Gti's. It was ready for scrap after doing 26k in the year I had it !
Renault 5 GT Turbo - Where it all started getting silly ! Ended up with 200+Bhp, Redline cover car, SFS Demo car etc etc.
Cavalier 4x4 Turbo - Actually bought it to tow the R5 to shows !! Nice car, Fmic, Engine work 240Bhp
Celica GT4 (st205) - Cracking car, Handled well 240Bhp as standard - Thirsty tho !
306 D-Turbo - As a reaction to spending so much on fuel in the GT4, !8's Decked. HATED IT !
Toyota MR2 GT16i - It was cheap ! Still ended up lowered on 18's, Carbon spoiler etc.
Renault 5 GT Turbo (No.2) - Didnt learn so did it again, full respray in Lilac, Ronal Turbo's, stripped caged etc. Only 180Bhp but was used for trackdays
Mk1 Golf - 1.1. Was just bought as a daily beater so I could work on the 5, Started the VW Love !!
BMW 320Ci - Fully specced, leather, Harmon Kardon. Lovely 6 Cyl sound but too slow
Audi TT 225 - Nice car, Black, Had it for 3 months, Fitted Forge 007DV and the Mrs Wrote it off the next week !!! Crying or Very sad (Not her fault tho)
Celica 190VVTi T-Sport - Quick but didnt like all that silly revving !
Passat 1.8T Sport Wagon - Featured in Golf+, I bought it made it my own. Won Best booted at Detailed show. Now slowly being driven into the ground as my daily hack !!
Mk1 Golf (No.2) - Wasn't finished with the Mk1 so I bought another - Looks like its ready for the scrap yard at the moment. WIP !

Once I get a few debts sorted out Hopefully something a bit quicker will be on the drive !!
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PostSubject: Re: why did u buy   why did u buy - Page 2 EmptyThu Mar 18 2010, 00:28

'Cause my dad's mechanic and one of his best mates was selling it and said if anything goes wrong with it he'd give me mates rates Smile

But I was into 'Dubs before that, probably since Mim had the two Mk1 cabs and I realised they were massively pimp.

My whole family drive 'dubs too, My dads only had caravelles or Transporters for the past 10-15 years, and my Mum's had two Mk4 Golfs (one of which is now my sisters) and my sister's first car was a mk4 Polo 16v which she wrote off (before I figured out how much I could have sold he bumpers for!) Mad
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Dyl J
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Dyl J

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PostSubject: Re: why did u buy   why did u buy - Page 2 EmptyThu Mar 18 2010, 18:11

1'st car astra mk3 1.6 16v gls. gsi kit,17's, lowered etc etc. got sold and wrecked .rip Sad
2nd car tigra 1.4 16v . eurod, ful leather interior, phat rota cups and 1 off install. Now breathing a fully rebuilt 2.1 xe on r1 bike carbs Very Happy
3'rd nova sri with all the gsi goodies and running gear. slammed 100ml on rear. as daz posted huge amounts of fun. id have another 1 2morrow if i could find a decent 1 Smile
4th bmw e46 323 ci . very very nice car, but for the juice it needed could have had sommet quicker lol
5 currently ibiza cupra.
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PostSubject: Re: why did u buy   why did u buy - Page 2 Empty

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why did u buy
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