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 Bloody cars...

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Keyboard Warrior

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PostSubject: Bloody cars...   Mon Jan 24 2011, 22:48

... hate the damn things. Vento has decided it doesnt want to run.

Im laid up with a knackered back so my other half thought it would be a good idea to give vento a run as its been sat couple days. Apparently there was a bang/pop from under bonnet and now it turns over but wont start.

Just what i need on top of a back thats busted, a mum in hospital, a car thats just decided nows not a good time to run.

Rant over. Sorry.
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Scene Mincer

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PostSubject: Re: Bloody cars...   Mon Jan 24 2011, 22:53

thats not good man, hope everythin gets better soon, one way to look at it, things cant really get much worse
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Scene Mincer

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PostSubject: Re: Bloody cars...   Mon Jan 24 2011, 23:17

stay positive mate Smile hope everything sorts out for you
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VAG Legend

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PostSubject: Re: Bloody cars...   Mon Jan 24 2011, 23:32

cheer up mate

tht bang or pop cd just be simple thing like sparkplug, a lead or a vacume hose thts un clipeed

dark clouds have a silver linning
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PostSubject: Re: Bloody cars...   

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Bloody cars...
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