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 Passat 20v N/A running issue

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Passat 20v N/A running issue Empty
PostSubject: Passat 20v N/A running issue   Passat 20v N/A running issue EmptyTue Jun 14 2011, 19:37

Doing my head in......

Hesitates at pull off, then chugs up to 2500rpm then issue seems to clear. Engine shakes and seems to be missing/backfireing a cylinder up to 2500rpm, idle is a bit hunty but only deviates between 840 and 880rpm.

No codes on ECU and nothing being picked up on the knock sensors, all this happened after changing rocker gasket.

Driving me nuts as ive dismantled and cleaned every part of the inlet, checked the inlet tract flap thing.

So am now down to spark system. My passat has the coil pack over 3&4 then HT leads to 1&2.

Just want to pin it down before i go buying parts....Sad


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Passat 20v N/A running issue
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