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 Ibiza MK2 vs MK3

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PostSubject: Ibiza MK2 vs MK3   Ibiza MK2 vs MK3 EmptyTue Jun 14 2011, 20:34

right im in need of some good solid advice here as i have a MK3 2000 plate ibiza sport and was wonderig if a set of seats, door cards and rear seats from a MK2 ibiza cupra will fit in my car with out much hacking and slashing lol. I believe that the front seats should just fly in and maybe a little tweaking on the back seats but its the door cards im very skepticle about. All advice welcome thanks XD
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Ibiza MK2 vs MK3 Empty
PostSubject: Re: Ibiza MK2 vs MK3   Ibiza MK2 vs MK3 EmptyFri Jun 24 2011, 21:44

I think the door cards will fit, after all the mk3 isnt much different to a mk2.
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Ibiza MK2 vs MK3
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