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PostSubject: ***PLEASE READ***   ***PLEASE READ*** EmptyWed Nov 30 2011, 19:57

This is a poem written by my partner. It's called Vw Widow

Crack open an eye on Saturday morn,
and reach out to give him a cuddle.
To find he's been up since break of dawn,
and crouched in a black oily puddle.
Began with the Polo, a fast one I guess,
On day three the engine goes BOOM!
Self serviced the car to cost himself less,
Now there's wires spewing out from the loom.
A holey exhaust, a broken headlight,
and fag burns adorning each seat.
The bulbs have all blown so he cant drive at night,
or too far coz the car overheats.

To top this all off, he then bought a Golf
GTI so it's fast as a cheetah.
It's German, it's black, he's named it Adolf,
The fact it won't start, common feature.
He pulled out the seats and the engine and tanks,
It's now just a sad empty shell.
I put up and put up but still get no thanks,
So I wish these cars would burn in hell.
I'm tired of washers and bolts on the floor,
of my kitchen and hallway and loo.
Got wires and leads and cards off the doors,
Full suspension in my living room.

Im sick of these Dubs, I'm sick of the sight
of alloys and tyres and....just....bits.
The attention these Dubs get from morning til night,
It's beginning to get on my.....nerves.
Just put down your spanner, your socket and wrench
and grab a cold drink from the fridge
Take off your stained jeans, and jump in the bath

Now, where did I put the phone number for the scrap yard?.......
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PostSubject: Re: ***PLEASE READ***   ***PLEASE READ*** EmptyWed Dec 07 2011, 07:58

My missus would love this Very Happy

mk1mel wrote:
you were at our marquee,doing all the moves too
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