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 Ebay 22 VAG-COM reader....

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Rhosneigr Gaz
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Ebay 22 VAG-COM reader.... Empty
PostSubject: Ebay 22 VAG-COM reader....   Ebay 22 VAG-COM reader.... EmptyFri Feb 10 2012, 19:26

Good news is my new 22 vag-com reader works....

Bad news is the frikin list of faults it threw up!!

16486 - Maf - Signal too low - NEW MAF TIME
16684-85-86 - Random Misfires - Keep an eye on this
17544 fuel trim bank (add) system to lean , p1136-35-00 - Investigate hose boost leaks
17704 - Error in mapped Cooling system - Hope that green sender and stat sort this
17705 - Pressure drop between turbo and throttle valve - Clean Throttle body and investigate boost leaks
17956 - Boost pressure regulation valve N75 - Check wiring to N75 and maybe replave N75

Plenty to be getting on with but nothing major i hope

Again as i plan to keep it gonna do a full plugs and filter change whilst i'm fidling next week...... FUN N GAMES Eh?
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dubber dude
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dubber dude

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Ebay 22 VAG-COM reader.... Empty
PostSubject: Re: Ebay 22 VAG-COM reader....   Ebay 22 VAG-COM reader.... EmptySun Feb 12 2012, 17:45

check the crankcase breather mine had split but it was in such an awkward position i didnt spot it...it gave me loads of codes !!
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Ebay 22 VAG-COM reader....
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