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Keyboard Warrior

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Ride : Black lupo 16v
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PostSubject: help/advice?   Wed Aug 22 2012, 14:50

Right i have a black lupo and i want to try get a decent shine and attempt to do a bit of detailing but theres a problem the person who had it before me has attempted to machine polish it and all you can see is the rings all over the place and it looks stupid. The paint on it is really not the best by any means so would it be pointless me even trying to detail the car? Should i leave it and just get it sprayed or what? Then once its sprayed do detailing?

Another thing i was wondering would anyone be able to recommend me any products? and the methods you use of detailing your car?

Hope i made sense Razz

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Scene Mincer

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PostSubject: Re: help/advice?   Wed Aug 29 2012, 17:58

im sure those rings are from whoever 'detailed' it, not letting the compounds break down into the finer particles,

get yourself a da, some decent 3m/mernerza whatever compound, and go slow, working on each panel till it comes tidy,

you never know how much damage they have done to it, so will pay to be careful!
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VAG Wales Admin

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PostSubject: Re: help/advice?   Wed Aug 29 2012, 23:35

I found Megs black bottled Compound , then their Black bottle (think it's polish) is really good hand applications. Tbh black is a nightmare at the best of times :/

I found Zaino and victoria really good, but it depends how far you wanna go into it, but then they start costing stupid money Sad

A few laps with compound then a quick polish/glaze will be good before a few layers of wax will make the world of difference.

Looks pretty clean when I see you go by atm tbh Smile
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VAG Resident

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PostSubject: Re: help/advice?   Thu Aug 30 2012, 08:16

Get a paint depth gauge. A small magnetic one will cost around 10-20 and can be accurate upto a mm of paint which is quite an amount but will give you an idea of what you're working with unless you want to spend around 100 or more on an electrical one.

Some polishes may 'hide' the marring in the paint. SRP and the like contain fillers to effectively cover the area but will wash away over time. The only real way to remove the defects is with a machine and polish/pad combo.

If you're wanting to go ahead with this then I'd think about your competancy and read a few reviews about products used as to which suit your needs. Im a fan of the menzerna range. Don't forget you also need to go through the stages when polishing. You don't just compound and then apply a wax over the top. You will need to use a polish then a finishing polish over the top, otherwise when the oils are released over time you will be back to stage one. So factor this into your budget also.

A helpful bit of information for you regarding polishing can be found [url=here]http://www.gomog.com/allmorgan/polishingpaint.html[/url]
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Keyboard Warrior

Number of posts : 27
Ride : Black lupo 16v
Registration date : 2012-08-21

PostSubject: Re: help/advice?   Fri Aug 31 2012, 14:08

Thank you very much for all the information, thank you for saying it looks tidy mate so does yours.thank you for all the information and yeah before i have got it some attempeted to detail it like you said, so what ill do is take tips from what you have all said then attempt to do a bit of a detail and try getting her looking tidy,then when i can afford it it'll be time for a respray, thank you very much.

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PostSubject: Re: help/advice?   

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